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All your Frequently Asked Questions answered.

What is a Virtual Tour?

A virtual tour is a digital representation of a real space that allows visitors to view and explore online and at their leisure at any time or day or night. There are a wide range of offerings on the market that are described as a virtual tour, however not all virtual tours are equal.

What are the key features of your Virtual Tours?

We use the Matterport platform, the global industry leader in the Virtual Tours together with their Pro2 camera which is the gold standard of high resolution imagery

Quality & Coverage

Our Pro2 camera gives professional grade image resolution @134 MP combined 3D depth data. Our tours scan every view feet giving the visitor to move around the spaces and see it from many different positions.

Dolhouse View

This 3D representation of the space is one you don't normally see and is extremely useful to understand how adjoining rooms and floors related to each other. Especially useful if planning to develop a space.

Floor Plan View

A rich 2D represnetation of each floor showing the current contents, this is automatically created and available on all spaces.

Interest Points

Any interesting features can be flagged for the visitor to find and open additional images and details, for example what is inside kitchen cabinets, fitted wardrobes, or details of hidden features such as underfloor heating. They can also be used for details of control systems and a powerful tool for training.

Measuring Tool

The measuring tool allows virtual visitors to measure anything inside a space. Ideal to see if your furniture will fit or what size curtains are needed or to estimate costs for refurbishment, renovation and building works. The Pro2 camera used captures depth data as well as images so provides accurate data.

Guided Tour

While users can navigate where they like in the space it can be nice to sit back and take a guided tour. A route through the space can be created to show key areas of interest and can include dollhouse and floor plan views too. The user can stop the tour at any point and navigate manually and the rejoin as they wish.


Based on the guided tour together with additional video and optional aerial video using a drone, a showreel provides a great teaser to draw viewers in to the full virtual tour. It typically includes a soundtrack and can be branded as required.


There is the option to create a full schematic floor plan with measurements from the virtual tour.

How can Virtual Tours be viewed?

All our tours can be viewed on mobile devices, laptops/PC and for a truly immersive experience by using a VR (virtual reality) headset such as Google Glasses or Oculus headstes.

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